Shenzhen Jiashida Technology Co., Ltd. is an online marketing agent for Chinese factories. During our 10 years of development, we have gained a lot of factory resources. They often make relatively large orders. For small orders, it is generally difficult to make. But many factories have some self-operated products. And have inventory. So that we can meet the needs of small orders. At present, we will always cooperate with more than 100 factories. Most of them don’t know how to export products abroad, or even English, so we help them communicate and coordinate to meet the goal of most factories to export high-quality products abroad to achieve a win-win situation. At present, we have strong supply chain support in the field of electric vehicles. I will do it in the fields of textiles, clothing, sports and fitness etc.We are looking for distributors all over the world





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What Did Our Clients Say?

Chinasaleonline Electric Scooter is manufactured in good quality, perfect in shape, and accurate in size. The order volume is large. It seems that the order is in full. Fortunately, it is a regular customer. If you just met, you might not be willing to do it, haha. In short, craftsmanship is not afraid of any business. I am very satisfied this time, and I will ask you for help next time. I can rest assured of your craftsmanship.

Karina / United States

I am very satisfied with the processing, and the master has good skills. Good product version. Very satisfied. There was a problem with one piece of quality. The boss readily agreed, and the next batch was reissued. The problem was solved with great care and patience. The processing speed was fast. The processing requirements were met, and we will cooperate again.

Brent / Germany

My processing requirements were particularly sophisticated. I had found over ten companies, and only this one dared to take the order. I didn’t have to say anything about the craftsmanship. Always good service attitude. I like it. I will continue next time and wish the owner a prosperous business.

Fryer / Netherlands

The Electric Skateboard I received was exquisite. It was a pleasant experience to communicate with the staff. Problems were handled timely, and I could always receive the product on time.

Cassie / United States

I have been cooperating with the platform for three years, and the products’ quality has made me feel at ease. When there is a problem, Kubo will communicate with me in time and help me solve it. He is very professional, and it is worth learning from him.

York / United Kingdom

At Chinasaleonline wholesale sportswear, I feel that the price is reasonable. The products are cost-effective and high-quality. It is my good partner worthy of long cooperation.

Viduka / Australia