Are electric skateboard dangerous?

Fun or a stunt, skateboards are a daring adventure. But, unfortunately, the evolution of traditional skateboards to electric ones has stirred some safety concerns- especially among the parents.

Even though electric skateboards are generally safer than the traditional ones due to the brake and speed control options- accidents can occur. However, accidents are inevitable, and you can safely skateboard fun and thrill in your life by taking the necessary precautions.

E-skateboards require good balance and control; risk would increase if an 8-year old is driving it instead of an adult, even at the same speed. Therefore, the risks and danger increase if people show irresponsibility and lack knowledge about safety measures.

Worry not, if the only thing stopping you is the question surfacing the internet these days – “are electric skateboards dangerous?”- We have the answers for you!

Keep reading to learn about the right ways to skateboard fun and adventure safely.


Avoid the Risk Factors that make Electric Skateboards Unsafe.

Electric skateboards are eco-friendly, lightweight, easy to carry, and not heavy on the pockets, yet an incredibly fun mode of transport. However, they may appear to be deceptively simple.

However, why is that- speed wobbles or inexperience?

To avoid the dangers associated with e-skateboards, it is crucial to first learn about the risk factors and then eliminate them to keep yourself and others safe.

  • Speed Wobbles– speed kills- and we know that. Moving too fast or altering the speed of the electric skateboards while riding it can lead to accidents. If you are a beginner, it would be great to set the speed and do not magnify it during your ride.
  • Battery Failure– if you fail to charge the battery to full, or your electric skateboard’s battery might be getting old, it can stop midway while you are riding it, thence the accidents and injuries. Therefore, always charge the electric skateboard properly and if you have an old or pre-loved one, get the battery and speed control assessed.
  • Lack of Experience and Skill– traditional and electric skateboards both require some expertise, so you know how to turn or control the board in an emergency, such as when a person or a vehicle appears in front of it-. This is why we say practice makes a human perfect. Learn the safe ways to ride a skateboard and practice on safe terrains first.

  • Not Wearing a Safety Gear– whether you ride a motorbike, a bicycle, or a skateboard, it is essential to wear the necessary protective gear. So, even if your get into an accident, injuries will be minimal. If you forget your helmet or knee gear, go back and get them- do not ride the skateboard without them.
  • Road and Weather Conditions– bumpy roads, heavy rainfalls, or snowfalls can easily throw the electric skateboard off the track due to slippery terrains and low visibility, putting the rider in danger. Therefore, it is best to avoid bad routes and always check the weather conditions before hitting the roads for fun.
  • Road Accidents– constantly, even with full precautions, you may still get into an accident if a road vehicle hits you or another person crashes into you. Even though the accident would be unforeseen and unavoidable- your protective gear and experience would save you from getting too hurt.


Final Thoughts

Next time someone asks you if electric skateboards are dangerous or not, tell them no vehicle or electric device is safe until you make it.

Therefore, it is safe to say that electric skateboards do have dangerous risk factors, but if you want some fun in your life, follow the precautions and enjoy your ride!


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